New Grad RN seeking a position in Denver, CO New Grad RN seeking a position in Denver, CO | allnurses

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New Grad RN seeking a position in Denver, CO

  1. 0 I am a New Grad RN and I am seeking a position at any of the surrounding health care facilities in Denver, Co. I have had trouble finding positions that do not require experience and are open to new graduates. Please let me know if you have any advice.

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    Juliet M. Smith
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    The big hospital groups are HealthOne, Centura, and Exempla. The independents are Denver Health, University of Colorado, Craig, and Children's. Most will hire new grads with BSNs (not ADNs) and like to hire from within. Try to volunteer with a hospital and work your way in that way. Just keep checking job postings and look for experience preferred postings. There aren't many new grad jobs in Denver and the competition is pretty fierce with so many schools graduating nurses. Good luck.