Moving to Albuquerque

  1. Hi, My husband and I will be moving to Albuquerque in July of this year (2014). I have never been to this area before, and am wondering if anyone has insight on places to apply for jobs, pay scale for a BSN, what the area is like, good places to live and avoid and anything else that I might want to know before moving. I graduate with my BSN in June from California and will also need to obtain a New Mexico RN license. Does anyone know how long New Mexico tends to take when transferring a license to this state?
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  3. by   klone
    Maybe post this in the New Mexico forum? This is Colorado. We are close, geographically speaking but I don't know anything about nursing in New Mexico.
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    I realized I put it in Colorado nursing and can't figure out how to delete the post! Do you know how? I posted it in New Mexico after I realized ��