Metro State College Denver ANO program

  1. Is anyone starting this program, presently in the program, or finished the program? I am just wanting some general information on stats, cost, housing, schedule, intensity? Please does anyone have any information. I cannot seem to get a response from anyone. It is like the program doesn't exist.
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  3. by   Wendilee
    As far as I know there is no information session scheduled either.
  4. by   ec7855
    It exists, trust me. I was directly admitted with a 3.6 in the prerequisites and 40 months of clinical experience as an ER Tech (EMT-B license). Others were wait listed with 4.0 in prerequisites and no clinical experience. The essay is a huge part of the application and is your chance to get yourself admitted. I believe we started with 44 students and have had 5 fail out since January 2013. You have to maintain a 77% on the four exams for each class and that's what eliminates people. Clinicals are at favorable locations, faculty is pretty good with a few exceptions, and the campus is ******, however, the nursing facilities are descent. We were just fully reaccredited by the NLNAC so if you're looking towards grad school, this program is a safe bet. Also, expect an inflation in applications for 2013 since we just received our continued reaccreditation. If you applied and are accepted, expect to hear ON November 1st. Hope this helps.