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Jobs after Platt College

  1. 0 I am thinking of spending the huge amount of money to go to Platt College for my bsn in nursing and I am wondering about getting a job after.
    Did you get hired right away?
    Did you find any hospitals that would not take you?
    Any other info would be great!

    I unfortunately have to take the expensive route due to a stint in college 8 years ago where I did not do very well due to poor judgement. It has brought my cumulative GPA down to low to be accepted into a traditional program.
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    Good question! I have been looking into platt for a couple days now and i see alot of people either love it or hate it. I really want some feed back from platt alumni. anyone??
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    I've worked with two Platt alumni at my hospital. One has already gotten her master's and is teaching, the other is still on my unit. They're both excellent nurses.