I plan to start DSON in January..

  1. 0 Hello all!
    This is my first post! I was looking for info on PICC lines, and I came across allnurses.com. Wonderful site.
    I am enrolled to start DSON Jan 07, I will be in the bridge program for the AD program. Has anyone completed this? How is the work load? Just curious to as what I should expect.
    I currently work weekend baylors in a busy LTC. I will have M-F off, but I do like to work OT during the week.
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    I hope this link helps you out and good luck on your DSON!


    This is a basic guide course for PICC training and appears to have all you need to better understand the training you need to pass your test. The cost is two hundred dollars plus shipping. I have to continue my training as well on an annual basis to maintain my liscence. It's difficult when you work all week and then you have to study all night long.

    Since you have the weekdays off I am sure you'll have no trouble self-conducting this course and passing your test.

    Good Luck!

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