How do I get first CNA hospital job? How do I get first CNA hospital job? | allnurses

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How do I get first CNA hospital job?

  1. 0 Hi, just wondering if anyone has any advice.
    I have been working in home health for the past year and a half as a CNA and I am currently going to RN school. At clinicals all the nurses are saying that to get a RN hospital job I really need to be working now as a CNA in the hospital.
    Any advice? I have been sending out resumes and haven't had much luck. I need a PRN or weekend job in Denver area b/c of RN school.
    Thanks to anyone who has some input!
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    Have you tried the staffing agencies? I'm not in Denver but a friend of mine got hospital work (during nsg school) via a staffing agency. It wasn't stable work - she did mostly 1:1 care for elderly confused patients.
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    Just keep applying! Took me 3 years. A LOT of applications.