Has anyone taken BIO at CCConline? Has anyone taken BIO at CCConline? | allnurses

Has anyone taken BIO at CCConline?

  1. 0 Has anyone taken BIO-111 at CCConline? I am wondering how the lab part works. I took it through here because it was full at Front Range and I need it to take 201 and 202. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am starting to worry about it. Thanks!
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    I took it a few years ago. You buy a lab kit and do the labs at home. I thought they were pretty interesting.
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    I did Bio 105, 201, 202 & 204 through ccconline (plus a whole lot of other classes too). You purchase the lab kit yourself and do the work at home. You do up a lab report following either the report format provided in the kit, or the prof will give you something different (this happened in Micro). The labs were really cool, especially the A&P ones. I did a cow eyeball, sheep's heart, and pig (to name a few) - which were all very interesting! No need to worry about it tlt0616, it's straight forward, open book tests (but open book does NOT mean easy) and helpful professors. Just be sure to give yourself plenty of time to do up your lab reports, especially in the APs and stay organized! I got A's in all my classes so its very doable, and you can do your work in your PJs - woohoo!! lol.
    Good Luck!!
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    I would be careful about taking online Biology courses, many of the Nursing programs will not accept online science classes unless they were a hybrid course meaning you did the lecture online but the lab on campus. I used to be an adviser for the CU school of Pharmacy and we never accepted online science courses and the other medical programs were following this policy as well.
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    That's strange. We were told in the nursing info session they will accept online classes - someone asked that questions directly. The speaker said they did some studies that showed those who took online classes learned as much as those in brick and mortar classes. I wonder if this changed recently.
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    SandDollar, which info session? I am referring to CU, Metro, and Regis...DSN, Platte and some of the community colleges may be different.
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    I went to the CU info session on August 1st. It was Dr. G.P. (don't want to post her full name), the Director of the BSN program who told us this. She was very excited about their own online options and said how they have a position on staff that is exclusively devoted to making online classes better for their own students.
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    I am attending CU right now, and every online science class that they have which requires a lab is a hybrid course, meaning that the lecture is online, lab is on campus. Colorado Community Colleges have the lab kit, but CU does not currently work with that system. From all the work that I did at Anschutz as an adviser, I really think what the director of the nursing program was referring to are these hybrid online courses, because CU doesn't have any other kind. We had many meetings and conversations where online classes science classes with the lab kits would not be accepted. Again, this is just for CU, Metro and Regis.
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    Ahh, OK. Thanks for letting me know!

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    There's nothing on your transcripts that indicate the courses are online so schools have no way of knowing.
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    I've taken classes through CCCOnline.
    If your school accepts them, they are great classes to take. I haven't taken Bio 111 through there (in fact, I skipped that class and got an instructor to sign off on me taking 201 directly) but I took A&P II, Micro and Patho online with CCCOnline. The lab kits are indepth and were really fun to do with my family. It's also fun to do them whenever you want and I didn't have to put up with lab partners!!! Good luck on your studies!
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    I took Bio 216 online and loved it... good luck!!
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    Is that Patho? How was it? How were the tests? Just curious! Thanks!!