Getting a job as a new cna

  1. I'm starting cna classes soon, and would like to work in a ltc facility. Only problem when I try to look on monster or other internet job search places everything comes back for either hospitals, or temp agencies. How do you find out if a ltc place is hiring? I'm going to emily griffith do they help you find work?
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  3. by   hope3456
    I can't imagine you would have any difficulty getting a CNA job in LTC. Some of the major chains (that I have heard of) in CO are Sava Senior Care, Life Care Centers of America, Columbine Health Systems and I'm sure there are others. They have websites or just call them and ask them if they are hiring CNA's.
  4. by   Izzy11
    LTC facilities are always hiring CNAs. Just google "Denver nursing homes" or something similar and they will come up. You need to apply in person to most of them.