Getting a day shift job

  1. So I'm moving out to Northern Colorado in the summer as an ED RN, 4 years experience, with my BSN, CEN, and TNCC. I'll be looking for a job with UC Health or Banner, most likely.
    I've worked nights before and I'll hang myself before I do it again. What are the odds of me finding day or mid-shift work in the ED as a new employee?
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  3. by   klone
    I think most EDs are incredibly short-staffed, so if you're bringing several years of experience, it may not be too hard.
  4. by   Kimmy_RN
    Most ED's have day shifts avail. Just make sure to state you absolutely cannot work night shift when you apply/interview. Lots of times, the company will offer night shift at first "until something on days opens up". Do NOT take that offer. Never offer to work nights if you can't handle working nights. If a company really wants you, they will offer your desired pay and work schedule, or you can look elsewhere! YOU HOLD THE CARDS! Good Luck!
    P.S. I lived/worked in COLORADO for 15 years! I miss the summers there!