Choosing between CSU Pueblo & UCCS University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Bethel

  1. 0 I've been accepted to the accelerated or degree plus nursing program for both Colorado State University- Pueblo and UCCS Beth-el start summer 2014. I would like to ask former and/or current nursing students of the programs what they liked and disliked about the programs. Also any other advice would be helpful.
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    I have heard really great things about the school in Colorado Springs. Regarding CSU, I only spoke to one person about the school and she said it was OK. Colorado Springs has way more to offer for a young person as far as social life is concerned. Plus, the Air Force Academy is there. So- cute, fit, quality dating potential... a plus in my book.
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    Thanks. I'm more interested in the quality of the school. lol I'm already married to a Marine

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