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  1. 0 I am a CNA, but I am planning on having another baby. I was very displeased with my last OB/GYN and hospital experience. I have been reading descriptions of local hospitals and Drs, but all I get is "caring, board-certified, and lovely decor." I was wanting to get the real scoop like drinking water is allowed, Dr so and so uses pitocin a lot, and we use birthing pools.
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    Would you consider midwives instead?

    What doctors/hospitals will your insurance cover? Unless you're planning on paying OOP, that will be the main factor to take into consideration with your options.

    Where do you live? Are you in the Denver area? Springs? Fort Collins?
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    I see you posted this on the wyo board also - where are you located and which hospitals/towns are you considering? I also would look for info or post on I delivered at PVH inFort Collins in 4/06.