Any hospital hiring new grads in Denver?

  1. I am moving back to Denver in May, well I plan to depending on if I get a job there or not. Does anyone know of any hospitals hiring new grads in Denver? Thanks so much.
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  3. by   tlk84
    I am in the same boat. I am a new grad who lives in Denver and so far no hospitals I have talked to or sent resumes to are hiring new grads at this time. I have called all healthone, and exempla. Its the economy.
    Denver Health may be hiring but I did most of my clinicals there and was not thrilled.
    I hope that helped a little.
    Good luck with your job search
  4. by   Lala3434
    I know St Joe's which is an exempla hospital just posted openings for their new grad program in April. Also, a lot of the hospitals will hire new grads just apply to open positions. I graduated in Dec and I finally landed my dream job on the floor of the hospital I wanted it just took a little while. Good luck. Remeber as a new grad you have to make yourself known. If you just apply and wait it's not going to work. Call the floor managers of the position you applied for. Make sure the recruiters know your name. The sqeeky new grad gets the job.