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Acceptance Notification - UCHSC

  1. 0 I have submitted my application to UCHSC traditional program - June 2007. I only have one more prereq to take in the spring. I was wondering if anyone knew, or had experience as to when I could generally expect to hear from them as to whether or not I have been accepted??
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    You and I are in the same boat. I have also applied recently and only have one class left to take next Spring (Microbiology). According to the website and from what we were told at one of the info sessions I attended, we may not hear anything back from them until next March of '07.

    Good luck.
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    I applied for UCHSC last year, and I didn't hear anything until Feb. Sorry you have to wait so long (I know it makes it hard to plan.)

    Good luck! Hope you get in!
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    I applied in November and received an acceptance letter in March- definitely takes patience! Good luck !!!
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    I applied in July and received a letter today for the summer of 2007.
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    Congratulations to all who have received their acceptance letters.