RNs have a new contract,TENET CORPORATION RNs have a new contract,TENET CORPORATION | allnurses

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RNs have a new contract,TENET CORPORATION

  1. 4 Life is good for Nursing Labor Unions...... http://www.nationalnursesunited.org/...net-hospitals/........
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    Tenet originally offered only takeaways and 1% pay increase . No takeaways and pay raises each years till the contract expires .Hope the non union Tenet facilities do as well , but won't hold my breath on that one
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    I recently got a prn job at a union Tenet facility. I heard RNs get pay raises twice a year? I wonder if that applies to PRNs too or only FT and PT?
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    I believe per diems get the annual COL increase , but not sure about the step increase , some body more versed in CNA contracts will have to clarify that .

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