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Heart Failure Transplant Patients

  1. 0 Hey Everyone!
    I'm and senior nursing student and I've been working as a tech in a cardiac ICU for about 7months now.
    As some of you know, ANY transplant list/requirements are quite vigorous. Our 1A
    heart transplant patients cannot not bathe (no showers, only CHG wipes), leave the room,
    and must have a catheter (I think it's a PA or Swan?? I cant remember ) in their neck ALL the time while waiting on a heart, which usually doesn't come for months.
    I've got several patients right now on the waiting list and all of them have been in the hospital +3mos just waiting.
    I can see them getting down and depressed :/
    What can I do to brighten up their day?? Any suggestions?

    I thought about baking cookies, but I don't want to go against their diets. I try and just listen and be open to their feelings but sometimes I cant find the right words.
    What are some helpful/positive things you tell a patient?

    Thanks in advance!