Chicago Nurses Win Gains in New Pact

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    by mike hall, jun 3, 2011

    the 1,300 registered nurse at the university of chicago medical center who last year voted to join national nurses united (nnu), this week overwhelmingly ratified their first contract with the university.

    muriel lee, rn who works in the hospitalís multispecialty unit says the new contract ďbrings new hope and light for the rns at ucmc,Ē and includes safer staffing language, strong direct care nurse committees and improved respect for rns when we act collectively.

    in addition, the pact includes major improvements in patient care protections and economic and workplace standards for the rns, as well as rejecting all of the hospitalís concessionary demands.

    talisa hardin, icu rn and member of the negotiating team says the new contract will make a difference in lives of ucmc rns and countless patients. we chose to be part of a powerful and effective national rn union and that decision is what made this possible.
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