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Bringing a union to my hospital

  1. 0 I am interested in bringing a nursing union to my hospital. The best organizer appears to be really awful management. I really don't know how to go about this. I am open to any suggestions. My co workers are doing some initial research.
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    Becareful while this is in process. Some places really frown on bringing in a union. Some employers just fire the "trouble makers" and then the push for a union dies because everyone is afraid of getting fired. Good luck ! I wish we had a union where I am.
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    Is there a nursing union in your state? If so, the first step would be to contact them. Get together a group of co-workers who feel the same. Don't discuss it at work or with people who might not be supporters/might be management's spies. Schedule a meeting with the union's director of organization outside of work. DO NOT talk about it at work/anywhere where someone might let on to management.