What ot ask about cna programs?

  1. Hey newbie on board with a lot of q's! i hope you all can help!

    When looking in to cna programs what should I ask about? What are the most important things for me to know?

    Also a number of the programs that I looked at seemed to have their clinicals at a nursing home. I'm intrested in pediatrics. Will that make a difference? Do pediatric ward even have cna's?

    If anyone can tell me specific info abour programs in nyc I would really appreciate. :spin:Such as, name of the program, it's pro's and cons. Would you reccommend it why or why not?

    Thanks everyone!
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  3. by   DreamyEyes
    Hi Anne, Welcome!!

    I was also very interested in working in pediatrics, and didn't think I'd ever like working in geriatrics. I now have a job in assisted living, and I love it! Unfortunately, most CNA programs have their clinicals in LTC only, but there are some that also do clinicals at hospitals. It can be a little hard to find jobs in the hospital with no experience; most new CNA grads work in LTC in a nursing home or assisted living facility. But, you may get lucky and land a hospital job right out of CNA training. And yes, pediatric wards do staff CNA's.

    Good luck with the CNA training!