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Hello. Has anyone graduated or plan on going to sac med training school for there cna program? If you did graduate from there did you like it were you able to find a job afterwards? Any information much appreciated.... Read More

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    It depends on where you work. I work at a Assisted Living Facility. Since my facility does not require you to have a CNA license, I think they take advantage of this. I do feel like I am underpaid. I do not mind because I attend school full time and they work with my schedule. In addition, I do not receive holiday pay or time and a half.

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    Do you think it's possible to get a job at a hospital write out a CNA training ?
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    I do work as a CNA. Yeah, Sac Med is only 19 days. I had a great experience and learned a lot. Starting CNA pay in our area near Sac Med is 9-12/hr. I've never earned $12, tho.

    But the perks of being a CNA are the flexible schedule, as the OP mentioned. I was able to take prereqs while working as a CNA on call. I am still able to work while in nursing clinicals.
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    Yes I do think it is possible to find a job at the hospital if you have prior healthcare experience.
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    Yes I went here as well like almost two years ago. I didnt get a cna job right out of school the job market was really tough back then. I finally got a job in assisted living a year Im a CNA in a post acute unit. A lot of facilities I've noticed don't pay very well. Well the ones I first applied at. It took me 9 months to find a job. I didn't have any experience whatsoever but, when I had the assisted living job I started getting more calls back. Now I think the economy has imrpoved to find a job more quickly. I heard its not so easy getting a job in a hospital in our area.
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    Thank you everyone you all have been so helpful. My class starts November 24 th I can't wait
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    I hope everything goes well for you! I really loved my clinical teachers, theory instructors, everyone. I even miss those residents!
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    Do not use sac med !! I just completed a CNA program there and was totally unprepared for the state test. Not only was I completely wronged by a snobby retired nurse on the test, but received no help or support from lito concerning submitting a grievance or rescheduling a test. They only want your money, it may be the cheapest CNA program, but there is a reason for that! They will rush you though everything to get out early and will not prepare you for the state test at all! If you do use this program, do not count on the clinical , nor the lecture to get you through the test, study at home... A lot! Would never have done this program if I'd known how "half-ass" it was.
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    E.R. I am sorry that your states test did not go well. Was it the written or the skills part that you were unprepared for? If it was the skills part, on youtube if you go to 4yourcna, they show you all the skills and what they look like. She does a great job at showing indirect care as well. For the written if you google practice cna test, there are a few web sites that give you practice questions that may help you prepare for the test. Don't give up, and study a little more, and then go retake it. Maybe now that you have a feel for what it is like you will do better the second time around. Big hugs
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    ER... I'm sorry you had a poor experience at Sac Med. I thoroughly loved my experience at Sac Med! I finished in late 2011. My background was that I had been taking nursing school prereqs for a few years and then decided to take obtain my CNA license. Attending Sac Med was my first experience working/volunteering/being in a clinical setting. I did pass my state CNA test the first time, I think I got a near perfect score on the written portion.

    I learned sooo much in my very short class. I was highly motivated, though. I miss my clinical instructors as well as my lecture teacher from Sac Med all the time. I felt they truly prepared me to work hard and do a good job as a CNA.

    I am now in nursing school and most of my teachers can not even begin to teach us how to do things as well as Sac Med teachers did.

    The rules for hygiene, dealing with state, patient safety, bed making, etc were drilled into us there and Ive had the opportunity to really appreciate that education as I've worked as a CNA and have started nursing school since I finished there.

    I only wish I'd gone there sooner because working as a CNA truly complemented my nursing school education.

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