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    I started volunteering at a ltc facility and heard a job title called the restorative cna. Is this a job in an ltc facility that pays more than a normal cna? I decided to volunteer to be sure tworking in an ltc facility is something that I want to do and also to see firsthand how management runs the facility. So far I am having a lot of fun and may even have a job offer from the facility!

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    What type of volunteer work are you doing at this LTC facility?
    I am curious about volunteering at a LTC.
    Good luck.
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    RNA are like cna's who just weigh and walk people. I'm in southern California and the pay is about the same
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    I volunteer with the activities department. I help them when they Have a special activity like helping the residents make pine cone birdfeeders, help painting their nails...etc.

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