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  1. 0 What time do/should you get the residents in bed on the 3-11 shift?
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    It really all depends on what is best for the patient. I have one patient that I have to lay down befor 4 because when they begin to sundown they become violent and fall, where as I have some residents that are in their 40s and dont go to bed till 9:30.
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    It depends on where I'm at and the residents I'm with. A lot of them will go to bed within 30 minutes after supper, so 6-630. Sometimes I have all 10 residents down by 8. But it varies a lot by how tired they are, health/skin concerns, sundowning, and if they want to go to bed or not. There is no set time you should have your residents in bed, except generally by the end of your shift or 3rd might not appreciate it lol.
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    It varies for me too. About half of them go to bed around 630 and then the other half doesn't go to bed until 830-930. The ones who are at risk of climbing out of bed get kept up late.