Red Cross CNA Program in VA. Has anyone done this program?

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    This Red Cross NA It's 4-weeks long (130 hours). The first 3 weeks in the classroom and labs the last week is 40 hours of clinical training at the Richmond Veteran's hospital.
    Does anyone know how this program compares with other CNA programs? This program costs$1,250 how does this compare with costs of other programs? The fees include textbooks, stethoscope, scrubs.
    Any information would be helpful.

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    My training was about the same time frame (120 hours) but I went through TN Tech. It was about half the price of the Red Cross program.
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    Thanks! Our county's technical school does have the training for a lot less but their classes are offered are from 6-9 PM two days/week for 12 weeks. I teach full-time and to come home and have to go to class two days a week for 3 hours is a bit much.
    The Red Cross is in the summer and it's 9 - 3PM for 4 weeks which is perfect.
    I'm hoping to work part-time during my summers as a CNA. It's something I've always wanted to do and considerably different from teaching.

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