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  1. 0 Do you use a PDA in your job? If so, what kind? What do you like about it- what do you use it for etc. (Thinking about getting one- not sure if I want to hold off until I officially start nursing school, which may be a year or so, or go ahead and get one now, so thought I'd ask and see what CNA's in the field were using...) Thanks!
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    Never seen the need for a PDA as an aide. We have very few things we need to track (I/Os, v/s's, Meal Intake) plus anything you need to write down and remember really shouldn't be leaving the facility with you.

    I would find it more of a distraction and time consumer than anything else. Of course, now that I do staffing instead of working the floor I find my BlackBerry to be an absolute life saver.
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    I don't use one. I just write on my arm. lol.
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    Notepad is useful for vitals and other reminders. If you plan on going to nursing school, you may want to get it sooner than later so you are familiar with it.

    In my program, we had the choice with reference text to buy the book or the PDA version. The PDA version is usually cheaper.

    I have a Palm Tungsten E2.
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    Could be useful. A lot of us carry small note pads and PDA could definitely replace that if you're accustomed to such (I'm an old poop --- easier for me to quickly write something on the job rather than squint at some mini text).
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    A lot of LTC facilities here provide PDA's to the Aides. They use them for charting throughout the day, I/O, BMs, etc. But they have to stay at the facility because its confidential info obviously.

    Our Nursing program at school REQUIRES we buy a Palm, I was thinking about buying one now even though I won't start clinicals until next semester.