Nursing student retesting CNA

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    I know i'll do fine on the written test
    But the skills is what i'm worried about.
    I've worked as a CNA and of course, as every cna knows, we cut some corners. So I'm not sure if I will pass.

    Does anyone know the percent of steps you have to to pass in order to pass skills?

    Or have any advice?

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    You have to pass hand washing

    You can fail one skill other than hand washing and still pass

    you cant miss any safety steps and pass the skill

    if you miss other steps or do them in the wrong order you get points off but don't fail right off.
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    Thank you!
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    When I was tested you HAD to pass hand washing and the other three skills. If you missed a bolded step on the list you failed the skill. Some proctor passed just about everybody and some proctors failed almost every applicant. It all depends on the person proctoring your skills test. Good luck and God bless you!

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