New Phlebotomist, help!

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    I hope this is the right place to post a topic about this...

    I just finished a phlebotomy training program in April and I got really lucky landing a job right away. I started working about a month ago and at first it was a lot to take in. The place where I work at has only phlebotomists. So we take the paperwork and insurance cards, type it all in the computers, we do billing, and we call for insurance eligibility and call to verify orders. We also do all our own processing such as pouring off specimens, etc. I've been taking notes since the beginning and I review my notes every day because it is a lot of information to remember. Drawing the blood is the easiest part of my job lol. Anyways, I'm posting for advice on how to become faster. The other employees I work with are always telling me I need to be faster and pick up the pace. So, any tips? Thanks very much!
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