New CNA needs help with her resume please! New CNA needs help with her resume please! | allnurses

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New CNA needs help with her resume please!

  1. 0 Hi everyone!

    I'm not a CNA yet but I will be graduating and (hopefully) passing the state board in about 2 weeks! I start clinicals tomorrow and I'm excited but nervous! I've been looking online as to where to apply and a lot of places require you to upload your resume. I haven't had any patient care experience, so it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could give me some ideas or tips on how to put together an entry level CNA resume! I would love to work in a hospital, but if a nursing home is all I can do, I'm ok with that too since most hospitals require experience. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks everyone and have a great day
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    I was just in your boat. I used this format modified for my experience.

    received 2 job offers and only gave it to 3 companies. Good luck to you!!
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    I was in the same boat too. All of my experience is office work but I used my experience during clinicals as my most recent and relevant experience on my resume. I start my new job here soon.