Need help preparing for CNA exam for the first time in 2 years in MN!!

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    Hey everyone!! I need some advice on how to practice for the CNA exam. I haven't taken the actual class in 3 years. I am not really nervous about the written exam because thats pretty easy and common sense. But I am super nervous for the skills part. Can anyone give me advice on what to expect and what skills they got for the test? And maybe what they did to study? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks

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    Go through your CNA book and study some of the skills they have in there. Like hand washing making all types of bed etc i just completed the class and thats what ive been doing to keep it refreshed in my head.
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    Handwashing and vital signs for sure. Go through all of your skills in your book and start practicing them on family members and friends over and over. Good luck

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