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MA with certifications???

  1. 0 What's the pay difference between a Certified MA and a Certified MA that also has a phlebotomy and EKG certifications under their belt? Are they both considered the same?

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    I dont think its a difference since Why would you need a separate certification for phlebotomy and EKG
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    I don't think it should be a pay difference since EKG and phlebotomy should already fall under your scope of practice. I'm an MA with an IV thearpy certification so try to get that one also because I know it's a pay difference with that certification.
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    Probably no pay difference as an MA, but it could open a few more doors and give you a leg up when interviewing for positions that request excellent phlebotomy skills or EKG knowledge/experience needed.

    Also, being certified as a Phlebotomist through ASCP and having taken a phlebotomy program which is approved by NAACLS opens up the door to hospital or lab phlebotomist positions (which btw is a career path in and of itself - MAs perform phlebotomy as part of their job, but this does not make an MA a Phlebotomist!)