1. I just became an l1ma at an assisted/indapendent living facility. They have asked me to work on the indapendent living, giving meds to some of the residents. My question is this, can I legally do this?
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  3. by   MargaretMuslima
    I looked up medical assistants job description and giving out meds doesn't seem to be on the list!
    I'd say look up your state's regulations. Different states allow different things. If you don't feel comfortable, ask a nurse or LPN. Don't let them convince you into something you're unsure about. Do your own research so your mind can be at rest.
    If you are allowed, I'd check the patients records and make sure you have the 6 rights (which I'm sure you already know)!
    1. Right Medication
    2. Right Route
    3. Right Time
    4. Right Patient
    5. Right Dosage
    6. Right Documentation
  4. by   Mosie posie
    I'm a Medication aid. I can give meds, I just can't figure out if I can give the only in assisted living, or also on independent