How many hours of classes do you need for CNA How many hours of classes do you need for CNA | allnurses

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How many hours of classes do you need for CNA

  1. 0 I am in Tampa Florida,I do know you need to learn 21 skills but i cant find out how many hours you need.Some people told me 40 but that seems kinda short when that really is only 2 weeks of class.Any info or maybe a site i can get would be great.
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    I think the required hours of course and clinical work vary from state to state. This website I ran across says that a Florida state-sanctioned program must offer a minimum of 40 clinical training hours and a minimum of 120 hours of total training. (assuming a combo of course and clinical hours)
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    I thought the Fed. requirement was at least 75 hrs? Here in RI we have 120 hours. I can understand a state requiring more hours, but how can a state do less then the Fed. requirements? Perhaps I am not up to date, however, and Fl. has a different class time / clinical time schedule.
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    OBRA 87 (fed. law governing CNA training) requires 75 hrs. classroom & lab, and 16 hrs. clinicals. States may set higher minimums. IL, e.g., requires 80 hrs., & 40 hrs. In my course, the class was divided into 2 groups, to do clinicals at 2 facilities; each location had a different clinicals schedule (hours per day, times, & # of days required).