How are is the state exam? How are is the state exam? | allnurses

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How are is the state exam?

  1. 0 My Cna class is difficult how hard is the state exam?
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    Just study, study, study and it won't be hard! And pray that you have an easier evaluator. My evaluator, surprisingly, was pretty easy going. She didn't even watch sometimes and she actually told us if we did something wrong and let us correct it. Weird. Before the test, I was told that she would be very strict and out to fail anyone who did even one thing wrong so I prepared myself for the worst.
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    the written part of the test is so easy, I feel like its just common sense. The skills part is kinda tricky,just make sure you don't miss any steps. But if you study, you'll be fine. Take your time we had like 25 mins to complete 5 skills and I had 12 mins left when I completed everything. A lot of people fail, b/c their nerves gets in the way and they miss a step. Don't worry about the evaluator, she doesn't say anything she just look at what you're doing.