HELP! Partial bed bath question!!

  1. 0 Hi everyone!! My exam is in 2 days and I still haven't figured out how many wash clothes I need to use for my partial bed bath skill I'm testing for the New York state CNA exam and after reviewing in class and watching every CNA skill video I could find online, I'm leaning towards using about 3 to 4 wash clothes in total..what do you all think??
    Thank you in advance for your time!!
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    i live in california...and it's been a long time since i took my exam...i wanna say 4. you'll be FINEEEE breathe!
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    thank you for yr answer!!!:heartbeat
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    In's 2 washcloths.
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    In NY it's 4 and you use the "mitt" method. Be sure to change the spot on the washcloth for every stroke. Good luck
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    pennsylvania we use 4 good luck
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    CA - we use two, after upper and lower body we change cloths for peri.

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