Help I lost my cna license. The paper, not my actual license.

  1. 0 I'm pretty close to getting this job, and I can't find it anywhere. I just had it a week ago and now it's like it disappeared into thin air . I've been trying to find a way to get a replacement one, but I can't find any link or website, pearson vue doesn't list anything. I have the number written down on my resume, so can I just give them the number, or do they need the actual certificate? Is there a way to get a replacement certificate?
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    The license number may or may not suffice. Depends on the facility but more than likely they will need a copy. Try your State Board of Nursing for a copy of the license.
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    In Arizona, you can drive to the BON office in Phoenix and get a new paper copy....for FIFTY bucks! Hope you find yours, or that the employer will accept electronic verification with just the number punched into the BON website.
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    I found it!! It was right where I left it, but it had gotten stuck in between other papers, I had in my drawer. I put it in a ziploc bag this time

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