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Hello I'm a new member

  1. 0 Hi I need to know the difference what the difference is between a CNA & CNA 1 & CNA 2. I am applying for jobs in other places and I keep running into the same question can anyone help explain this to me?
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    Hi and welcome to allnurses!! Sorry, I don't know the answer to your question.
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    I will be taking my state exam for CNA-1 on May 10th and from then I will start taking my class for CNA-2. The difference is that CNA-2 can perform wound care, insert cath. and trach care. There is also another class you can take if you have your CNA-1 and that is Lic. Medication Aide. You receive a Cert. to pass medications. I was wondering if anyone happens to know the pay scale for CNA-2 and Lic. Medication Aides.
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    It really depends on where you live. I'm going to be a Nurse Tech II (CNA II) and with that, I'm allowed to d/c IV's, start and d/c Foleys and NG tubes (I also heard a rumor that we are going to start doing enemas). Nurse Tech III's where I live work mainly in the ER and they are allowed/trained to start IV's and do blood draws on top of Nurse Tech II duties.
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    In Indiana you don't have CNA 1 or 2. We have CNAs and then we have PNT's (patient needs technician). They do exactly what CNAs 2 do: catheters, dressings, etc. To my understanding......
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    We don't have any distinctions in California. You're allowed to do what is in your facility's policies and procedures, and what they've trained you to do.

    I can D/C foleys. I can D/C IV's on patients that have passed on. I can give enemas. For some reason, my hospital does not let CNAs do FSBS (fingersticks).