Hello to all! Self-Introduction

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    Hello, all of the beautiful people on allnurses.com!! I will be starting my CNA classes, on August 27th. I have found this site, to be extremely beneficial and am very thankful for all of the knowledge and opinions shared. My name is Betsy and I am a twenty-five year old, mother of two. I reside in NY and am using my opportunity to get a CNA certification, as a stepping stone to further myself in to the nursing field. I look forward to communicating with many of you, and making friends along the way!! Have a great day!!
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    Good luck I start my cna class tomorrow!!! I'm 19 with a 7 month old she also turns 8 months tomorrow.

    -Janny B.
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    Hi Betsy! I'm Jacinta, married with 3 children. I start my CNA class next month. Good luck with your classes!