HATE my job as a CNA-HELP

  1. Hi all,

    i will I'll try to make this post short but there is a lot to say!

    Basically, I'm working as a PCT (Same responsibilities as a CNA) at an LTC. I am doing my nursing pre-reqs now and figured being a PCT would give me good patient care experience. I've been here for a month but only worked 2, 16-hour shifts by myself. I am absolutely miserable. I have the worst anxiety before and during my shifts, so much so that I shake.

    It's not the work itself. I am not grossed out by wounds, poop, urine, showering them, anything like that. My problem is that I suck at this stuff! I take forever, and patients snap at me for taking so long. I've also had a few family members yell and me and tell me everything I'm doing wrong.

    There is only one PCT per hall where I am, but I cannot do transfers alone. I try to, but I'm not strong enough. I'm very short and not very muscular, so the physical part of this job is really hurting me. I usually can't do anything the next day because I'm so sore.

    Am I doomed to be a terrible nurse? I really love school, I do really well there and love problem solving. It's more of the physical labor that I can't stand.

    Thanks for reading!