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Finding employment with a misdemeanor

  1. 0 I just passed my state boards and me n my friend are looking for jobs. She has been on too interviews but been turned down because of her background(theft under 500) is it possible for a cna to find a job with a misdemeanor we in the process of getting it emsruged from our records but we got 8 month 2go.What should we do?is it possible???
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    Idk how to help Maybe if you posted on this forum they will be able to help you.

    Threads concerning criminal history & employment usually get closed pretty fast on the boards. Sorry I cant be of more assistance. FWIW, a couple of people @ my jobs have previous felonies on their records, so there are people willing to overlook the past & give you a shot. Best of luck to you in you furture endeavors
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    Just like MiiszKimberlycna stated, we can not really answer that question for you. The best place to seek such advice would be from your states BON or a lawyer.