Does anyone know of nursing homes that provide CNA training in the Glassboro, NJ area

  1. 0 I am looking to certified as a CNA and start working full time. I am 20 years old and on omy own so money is right. Does anyone know of any nursing homes or hospitals in the Glassboro, NJ area that provide free training?
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    Hi! I am in NJ also, but in Cumberland Co. not too far from Glassboro. There aren't any more free CNA Classes for certification, but if you are unemployed, you may be able to get your CNA class paid for by NJ Workforce. Check with your local unemployment office to see if you would qualify. If not, the cheapest I found was the 5-week course I took at the Salem County Vo-Tech. Gloucester County should have something similar. You can also call the local nursing homes and ask which schools they get most of their CNAs from. Good luck!
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    You could also look at your local community college. They may allow you to take out a small loan to take the course and you could pay it back when you find a job.

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