Dealing with continence issues with family and wondering how to intervene.

  1. Hello,

    I am currently working in home as a home health aide, and I have a client who is 87, has alzheimers, and is recently having problems with having bowel movements in his pants.
    His wife stays home with him while I am there, and I walked in the other day and she was
    all upset cause he made a big mess.. She's 84 and not very well..

    I need some advice on how to deal with incontinence issues.. I don't have much experience with this.. I really don't want to be dealing with one man with incontinence issues every day.. Wouldn't this be more for nursing home care?

    The wife has tried small pads, large pads but if she refuses to wear adult briefs, what am I to do? I can't force her to do it, but do I need to be cleaning up every day and dealing with this myself? This is care in the home..And the wife gets mad and tries to remind him that he has to wipe himself... How can you remind someone who has alzheimers??? Help!

    Any advice on this will be greatly appreciated..
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