CNA/Unit Secretary... What does that mean?

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    So I'm a pre-nursing student at the local community college and I just applied for a "CNA/Unit Secretary" position in the ICU. The main reason I applied for this position was because I worked in the Emergency Department for two years and loved the action/drama/critical pt's that I worked with. I'm just wondering, what does a CNA/Unit Secretary do at your hospital? I'm hoping it's more CNA work than secretary work because I have my CNA and I want to work with pts. I don't mind doing secretary work but I don't want that to be my ONLY assignment on the unit.

    Any help would be great, thanks!

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    They work as a CNA part of their schedule and a secretary (i.e. answering phones, answering the phone connected to call lights and notifying the proper personnel about pt needs, putting in orders, and stuff like that) the other portion.
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    moved to CNA forum to elicit further response.

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