CNA Skills & Tests in Las Vegas

  1. Just thought I should ask how many skills are there to do? how long per skills? Are they both have to be done at the same day? Any book you've used to review? How are the skills checked (using a split stethoscope, machine, etc)? Any advice

    I need to get some info and pass. CNA certification is woth 5 points when I apply for the RN program (out of 16 points).

    Thanks for all your input. Message me for any important topics/ issues
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  3. by   chorkle

    Can't advise on Vegas; but,

    You might have a look at Despite the generic name, this is an IL website with videos of (some of) the CNA skills demonstrated, with voiceover explanation. Some folks have found it useful. Of course, there must be any number of YouTube videos available.

    5 points for CNA, of 16? (Wow.) Where I applied, CNA gets you 1%.
  4. by   seunRN
    Chorkle: Thanks for the link. I sure will check and compare. Sorry about the 5 points out of 16, it's for LPN, not RN