Cna Salary In San Fernando Valley/ Worst Places To Work

  1. 0 Does Anyone Know The Ltc Facilities Or Hospitals That Have Good Starting Wages In The San Fernando Valley. I Plan To Take A Night Shift.

    Also Any Opinions On The Worst Facilities Or Hospitals Work At. Meaning, Not Very Clean And Patient Treatment???
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    I can't really answer either question for you, but I have some advice.

    Please keep in mind that this is an anonymous forum. You can always get a response from a disgruntled former/current employee of a facility or someone who has never even been to the San Fernando Valley. I'd suggest that you tour the facilities first hand to get an idea if it is a place that you are interested in.

    I understand your wanting to know about the "bad" facilities just keep the above in mind so that you do not pass up on, what could be, the opportunity of a life time.


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