CNA overnight shift, pay rate?

  1. Hello,

    I am a new CNA. I got my cert. back in Sept of 10 but haven't gotten a CNA job yet because I had my first child.
    I am BLS CPR cert. by the AHA as well. I honestly cannot afford the rate of daycare here (300 every two weeks) to work during the day so my only option would be overnight when my family is home to watch my baby and work it out. So no, I am not wanting to work overnight JUST because I heard that you get paid differential. I Am asking you if you know what the pay rate is overnight for CNA in Houston, Texas so I have a general idea. Like I said, first CNA job and I'd like to get an idea how much my check would be for planning out payment of bills and such.

    Please don't get on me with, "You can't raise a family on CNA pay." Yes, I am well aware. It was just my first cert and my husband makes decent money so I would be helping him out but being a CNA is not my main goal but it's a good start.
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