CNA in Suffolk and Nassau county NY

  1. 0 i will be starting a cna program in January and wanted to know if anybody knows how much a cna starting pay is in preferably suffolk county ny but also nassau county NY without experience in hostipal, nursing homes etc. If there is anything else that is good to know please let me know. Thanks for the help
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    I work in a hospital (I got the job with no experience). Starting salary in Suffolk is around $33,000. I was offered 2 hospital jobs, and both were around that salary. But it varies from $10.50-$17.00/hr. All depends. Good luck
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    I have my Cna almost 2 years and no luck getting a job.
    Please advice me as to where do u apply for jobs only found agencies that pay $10.00/hour
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    Apply everywhere!!!
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    You couldnt find any jobs? Im hoping to find something that is more than 10 dollars an hour, but regardless I am excited for after the class to find a joob and start working!

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