CNA Dallas TX

  1. Thinking about moving to Dallas TX anyone know where I can get free CNA training or pay a low cost to do so? Also I plan on going the LVN to RN route once I do become a cna and go back to school. Anyone know of any good schools in the Dallas TX area for LVN training? Thanks everyone for your help!
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  3. by   kalmeira
    When I did my CNA training I couldn't find any that were for free, the cheapest I found was about $500. This is where I found the school, it is a list of all accredited Nurse aide schools from the texas registry in this area:

    Also I hear El Centro college in downtown has a LPN program, you might want to look into it.
  4. by   greggy1
    I went to Jambo Career Institute and their website id I had very good experience with them and would recommend them