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  1. Hello fellow Nurses! I have a few questions. I'm currently working as a Medical Assistant and I just passed my TEAS (yay!) and Now I'm required to take a CNA challenge test in order to get into the LVN program. I'm wondering if someone can give me advice on some CNA techniques and skilled nursing procedures that would be on the test. I'm assuming that it would be the same as the Cna certification test but I'm just looking for some advice. I was also thinking about volunteering at a local hospital and shadowing a CNA if they would allow it. Thank yoU!
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  3. by   Bayley
    I did my certification exam in Florida so I don't know how different it would be, but there was both a written and a clinical component. The written was really easy and focused mainly on resident rights which is pretty much common sense. For the clinical portion we were randomly assigned three tasks to perfom within a 30-minute time frame.

    Here's a link to a florida site that lists all of the clinical skills we were supposed to know. Maybe there is something similar for your area.