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    I was just accepted into my local colleges ADN program. I took my CNA class last October. We had a wonderful book, Mosby's Long Term Care. I need to review my skills before classes start in August and the RN who taught the CNA course mentioned that the Mosby's book can be downloaded from the internet. Is this true? Does anyone have any info concerning the web address? Thanks in advance
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    Don't know, but try and type Mosby's in your browser to see what happens. It will be interesting to see how they tie in the CNA skills to the mind was sort of blown when it was discussed, because I found that some of the same information was in my CNA book, but was ignored because that wasn't the main focus. You'll see what I mean. Good luck in finding your books!
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    If you can't find it free then try They are listed on there for pretty cheap. I bought mine (same book as yours) at the school bookstore for about $60.00.