cna and homecare

  1. 0 i recently got my cna waiting to take my gna but my question is can a cna do homecare? i have been seeing a lot of jobs that are hiring for home health aides and i would like to apply but as a cna is this possible would i be overlooked or turned down, i know that cna's do a little more that hha's but i would prefer to do homecare.
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    right now I am a stna currently working part time through a home health care agency. Here in Cincinnati you now have to be a certified nursing assistant or home health aide to do home health care. You should be exactly what they are looking for and shouldn't be overlooked.
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    I think its different in every state, at every college and maybe even for every hh agency..... at my college, you can take just the 3 credit cna class and just be certified as a NA. or you can take an extra credit for hha and take the combined test-out. at another college here the CNA/HHA class is combined right away and is 4 credits..... so i am not sure..... but you have nothing to lose by applying ;-)

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