can someone help me how to make a CNA resume can someone help me how to make a CNA resume | allnurses

can someone help me how to make a CNA resume

  1. 0 hi can anybody share their ideas on what to put on CNA resume? thank u
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    First question.....are you a brand new CNA or do you have previous experience? I put together a really good resume (new grad w/o any experience) and I actually received compliments on it. I had two interviews and was offered a position at both interviews....on the spot. I would be happy to email you a copy of mine. You can also do some resume research for ideas for entry level resumes also. (If infact you are a new CNA).
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    I'm in the same position as you Ccmelluvvin, I just passed my CNA exam on Tuesday and have no idea what to say on a resume. (or any idea how to make any resume for that matter!)

    I hope I'm not being rude, but I'd be grateful for any tips or suggestions from you as well AzDeb.
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    i just finished my cna resume and i haven't even taken the course yet, i'm just that anxious . . . well i googled the responsibility of a certified nurse assistant and then put those skills and qualifications in the resume.

    it's easier if you access a resume template from microsoft.

    1. open the word program

    2. then open that microsoft icon at the top left of the screen

    3. select "new".

    there are a bunch of templates there, you can select whatever looks good and just take your time and fill in your information.
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    Kitsey - I would be happy to send you a copy of my resume. I would just need your email. (not sure if it's okay to post email addresses in threads or not???) At least you could get some ideas from my resume if you like how I did it.
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    Thanks so much AzDeb! I really appreciate it, I have no idea where to start O-o
    I think I can post then edit it out later :* SneezerCallie at yahoo dot com

    Tive-thanks to you too, I didn't even know I had templates in word...

    Now I feel like I'm hijacking this thread, but thank you both! :*
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    You really don't need a resume for CNA jobs. You fill out an application and they start you off at whatever hourly pay they're giving everybody else.
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    Thank you for the info FuzzyWuzzy I'm definitely new to all of this, I'm 27 but have only ever had one job and it found me
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    Kitsey - I just emailed it to you. Hope it helps! And good luck with your job search!
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    Azdeb do you think you could email it to me too? ^^ pretty please?
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    First i want to say Congrats to ccmelluvvin on becoming a CNA ...even tho is post is months old. i Just completed my CNA program Dec. 2010. i have the same problem. i have no experience so what do i put on my resume? ...if its not to much to ask AzDeb could you email me a sample resume? plz and thank you!
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    Could you be kind and send it to me too?, I have no idea of what to put in there ether. (Rosa 0408 at sbc global dot net)
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    I would also like a copy. I will see if I can send you my email through the pm. Thank you in advance.
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