Can RN Texas take CNA certificate?

  1. I have RN Texas license, but don't have the experience. It is difficult to find the job.Can I take CNA class and certificate when I have RN license?I would like to take the class because I didn't work in health care field for a long time.
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  3. by   citylights89
    from my understanding, I was told you can't get an CNA certification after you have your RN license. I haven't checked to see how true that is yet, though.
  4. by   Macann
    Dear tumth,
    I suggest you go ask the training agency if they would take you.

    But, try volunteering as a RN in one or two places, they usually start to know you/like your work and they give you a job.
    The time and money that you plan to invest in taking the CNA class, try and give the same in being a volunteer at a nursing home or a hospital,that's the easiest way I know to get hired

    Good Luck dear!